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The matierials and process of my work are rather unique, and often, people are interested in how these pieces come together. First and foremost, they involve molten things. The glass elements of my work are created by a process called flameworking or lampworking. Rods or tubes of glass are heated in a torch flame and shaped using tools or blown into to create an infinite number of possible shapes and designs. I use a type of glass called borosilicate glass, and it requires very high temperatures, as it was created to make laboratory equipment.

When the glass work is done and has been cooled slowly in a kiln (referred to as annealing), I begin the process of sandblasting and oil-painting to create a rich and luminous color and glow. I love the

The last step of the process is often encaustic painting. I make my own paint out of beeswax and a few other ingredients as the mood strikes me. Pigment is added to the wax and then it is painted onto a wooden panel while molten, then fused, and allowed to cool. The textures that can be built with encaustic are absolutely sensual, and the result is a rich and luminous painting that has incredible amounts of depth.