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Artist Statement

I feel a constant pull towards that which is otherworldly and fantastical -- whimsical things with a touch of darkness, or visual manifestations of a moment in a long lost story.

Each of my pieces begins at a torch, melting and forming bits of glass in a jet of fire. I have no canvas to begin with; no lines or borders, only space. My time at the torch is a time of interaction with, and often surrendering to, my medium. I rarely have a set agenda. When treated this way, glass becomes the catalyst of my abstracted thoughts, imagination, and the surreal nature of my dreams and nightmares. Simultaneously, I become the architect; the one who brings the molten glass into its final, solid state.

My work is inspired and driven by stories, curiosities, and playful questioning. I create to give these qualities a physical solidity in our world. I create to make them real.